About Lilpur 

Welcome to the official website of Lilpur village. our concern is to make the village site highligting the problems of the village and the villagers.As we love our village by heart and soul.We want to catch the attention of the government and NGO’s towards the problems like education,road,water supply etc.which the villagers have been facing for years. Lilpur.info website provides you basic information of village right now we are working on complete information of village on website.

Lilpur village is a village in Hanuman nagar Panchayat,Darbhanga,Bihar.

This village has a diverse population living together for ages, with great communal harmony and peace.Unfortunately this village has no Bank and hospital.Therefore it is not developing with modern india.

If you would like to know more about Village or discuss your requirements or how we can solve village issue feel free to get in touch with us at Info@lilpur.info Mobile: +918010808654 or use following form


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