Alinagar Hanuman Nagar Panchyat se mukhya umeedwar | Rashid Sami

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Alinagar Hanuman Nagar Panchyat se mukhya umeedwar | Rashid Sami

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हनुमान नगर पंचायत से युवा मुखिया उम्मीदवार राशिद समी (लिलपूर निवासी) को पंचायत के मुखिया पद का अहम उम्मीदवार माना जा रहा है इस पंचायत मे केवल एक ही मुखिया उम्मीदवार ऐसा है जो लोगो की पहली पन्सद है कियोंकि राशिद सामी हमेशा लोगो के साथ और उनके अपकक्षा के अनुसार काम किया है !

Hanuman Nagar Panchyat se mukhya Pad kelye sabse Jayeda dabedaar maane jarahe “Rashid Sami” (chote) ko bhari maton se vijay banye. Please Vote For Mr. Rashid Sami

He is a Young boy who has lots of dreams for society , he always wanted to reforms society situations so please concerm him. This is Golden Oppurtunity to we all.
Vote Support Rashid Sami!!!

About Mr. Rashid Sami:- 

Rashid Sami a 21 year old boy from a small village” Lilpur” is Graduated from LNMU , during his study he did a lots of works for his societies like, fought alone for bringing electricity in the village and achieved it.He always ready to help For poor people, for that reason he became a very good leader in his locality.  people admired him for his wonderful and outstanding works. At this time Panchyat Mukhya Election is going to held, and he is nominated for the Mukhya post on the highly demand of panchyats’s people. Hopefully he will success in his goal,  we urge you all people to help him with your valuable votes.

Be honest to support an honest person!!!

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